Treasurer’s Office Contacts

Business Tangible Personal Property Tax: 703-228-3060

County Business License: 703-228-3060

County Decal Information: 703-228-3090

Countywide Information and Referral: 703-228-3000

Customer Assessment and Payment Portal (CAPP): 703-228-3702

Estimated Income Tax: 703-228-3055

Parking Tickets Review Office: 703-228-0780

Real Estate Assessments: 703-228-3920

Real Estate Payments: 703-228-3090

Real Estate Tax Relief: 703-228-1350

State Income Taxes: 703-228-3055

Taxpayer Hotline: 703-228-4000

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf: 703-228-4611

Vehicle Personal Property Tax Assessments: 703-228-3135