Department of Technology Services

Who We Are

The Department of Technology Services (DTS) is led by Chief Information Officer Jack Belcher and an experienced, forward-looking management team. Our goal is to continuously seek new and innovative ways to grow the County’s technology and knowledge assets and leverage them to improve its citizen-centric services. With a team of dedicated and talented technology professionals who partner with trusted, industry-leading technology vendors, we have been able to accomplish an impressive list of achievements.

What We Do

We serve the County by building, maintaining, and securing a world-class information technology environment and providing technical expertise to County departments and agencies. Our focus is on networking, telecommunications, database and application development, Web services, financial and emergency systems and emerging technologies. In addition, we provide an increasing number of direct public services, such as free public wireless Internet connectivity.

Strategic Goals

Our mission is guided by a number of strategic goals that are updated every few years by executive leadership with a great deal of input and deliberation by the community and technical experts. The most recent E-Government Master Plan executive summary lays out the following three strategic goals for the next six years:


Develop and adhere to a methodological process to examine and refresh the technology inventory of the County so that it may continue to provide value by:

  • Sustaining What We Have
  • Ensuring Continuity of Operations
  • Securing Broadband Connectivity
  • Realizing Energy Savings & Efficiencies

Workforce Empowerment

Provide the tools and capabilities to enable our workforce to provide for the service demands of our community by:

  • Upgrading the Workplace Technology
  • Extending the Workforce
  • Documenting Our Experience
  • Realizing the Value of Enterprise Investments

Extending Customer Service Delivery

Set new, transformational priorities for how the County may find the capacity to provide more, improved and better services our community by:

  • Realizing Gov 2.0
  • Redefining Customer Service Delivery
  • Building Capacity and Confidence