Community Corrections Unit (CCU)

Arlington Community Corrections is a local probation office that offers misdemeanor offenders supervision, alternatives to incarceration, and monitoring of court-ordered special conditions. The office promotes offender accountability and affords individuals an opportunity to achieve a successful personal life.

Probation Officers

  • Provide supervision in lieu of incarceration.
  • Help offenders recently released from incarceration readjust to life in the community.
  • Counsel those experiencing their first involvement with the Criminal Justice System and those who are occasional repeat offenders.
  • Make referrals to a wide variety of agencies based on special conditions imposed by the Court and the specific, individual needs of the offender.

Services We Provide

  • 12-week Basic Addiction and Relapse Education Program (BARE). Offered to probationers as well as pretrial clients. Contact: Marie Fordham, 703-228-0123.
  • 8-week Acculturation Program, Living in a New Land (LIANL) is offered to Spanish speaking probationers. This program helps people understand their “new local community.” Contact: Maria Baldelomar, 703-228-0125.
  • In-house urinalysis.
  • Language accommodation for Spanish-speaking clients. Hablamos Español.
  • Referrals for attorneys and other agencies.

Community Service Referrals

Cooperative Efforts

You Can Be Successful

The key to a successful probation — besides adherence to the court order and communication — is accountability and the willingness to change.

  • Be active, play sports
  • Eat right
  • Get help quitting addictions
  • Be thankful for what you have
  • Enjoy life
  • Learn to forgive, be at peace